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We are professional Thai architects

A Thai architect is essential if you wish to have anything designed or built in Thailand. If you do not speak Thai then a Thai architect who speaks English is also vital. One such group of Thai architects is our design group called 'Asetti'.

Who are Asetti ?

'Asetti' is a rapidly growing and exciting new design group. Formed in 2010 by a small group of Thai architects we have captured the attention of many people looking for amazing design. We are well known for our passionate ability to create the 'Wow factor' and have shown cased to clients some of our spectacular house designs. You can see a small selection of some of our projects on line here at our web site

In addition to our home design as Thai architects we also design many other types of property. Recent projects include: a unique off shore commercial and residential development; an international sports arena, with commercial space, casino and hotels; Three modern condominium developments in SE Asia; a stunning floating Thai style villa with pools, lotus ponds and numerous luxury features; the new James Bond house with its 3 swimming pools, Jacuzzi, spiral staircases and geodesic domes. And many more.

As far as architect design goes we are always looking for new and exciting projects. So will be very happy to discuss yours with you. We design throughout Thailand and also internationally. As architects in Thailand we have grown up with a Buddhist philosophy, rich tropical landscape and a creative ability that is most unique to this part of the world. One of the Asetti was even involved with the design team that created the amazing Mandarin Oriental 'Dhara Devi' hotel in Chiang Mai. One of the world's finest and most impressive hotels. Our imagination is boundless. It costs nothing to talk to us about your project. We are happy to look at a wide variety of ideas and project types. We can also once we have all the information provide a free 'architects project proposal fee and job description'. You can contact us at We hope you contact us. Thank you.